Theia Lenses Catalog

Theia offers many lenses from fisheye to ultra wide to telephoto.  Click any of the blue family links below to learn more about lenses in that category.

4K resolution lenses and 4K camera compatible lenses support the new highest resolution cameras.  These lenses are designed for use with 1/2.3″ to 1/1.7″ image sensors.

Ultra wide angle lenses use Theia’s patented Linear Optical Technology® to correct barrel distortion in the lens without the need for additional software to dewarp the image.  These lenses can provide horizontal field of view up to 135° without barrel distortion.

Mid focal range lenses fit the bulk of security and machine vision applications with their not-too-wide not-too-telephoto field of view.

Telephoto lenses offer a long focal length and long reach but are compact for use in small enclosures.  They are day/night corrected for use with IR illumination.

Motorized lenses include motors for remote focus and zoom, IR cut module, and limit switches for focus and zoom.  These compact lenses are designed for 4K resolution dome and bullet style cameras.

Fisheye lenses are deigned for 360 cameras so they will present a full circular image that must be dewarped in the camera or server.  These lenses are designed for applications where one camera in the center of the room is appropriate.

Machine vision lenses are optically the same as their security lens counterparts but are available with C-mount.

Lens selection table

If you know which lens you are looking for you can click the links below.  This is a list of the lens families offered by Theia Technologies:

Lens Focal range Varifocal 4K Motorized Mount
SL183/ML183 Ultra wide * CS, C
SL410/ML410 Mid-range CS, C
SL940 Telephoto * CS
SL1250 Telephoto CS
SY110/MY110 Ultra wide CS, C
SY125/MY125 Ultra wide CS, C
TL410 Mid-range CS, C, D25
TL936 Telephoto * CS, D25
TL1250 Telephoto CS, D25
TY180IR Fisheye M12

*4K compatible