Precise Automation  Six Axis Robot


The growth of collaborative robots that can safely work side-by-side with people makes automation accessible to a new generation of applications. However, this accessibility has often come at the cost of higher prices for special sensors, reduced repeatability and dramatically reduced cycle time. If your application requires collaborative operation with 6 degrees-of-freedom (XYZ position and all possible gripper orientations), Precise Automation's line of industrial collaborative six-axis articulated robots provides the features, price and repeatability offered by traditional robots with the ease of use of popular collaborative robots. And, in the future if there is no longer a need for an operator to be present, these robots can be easily switched and redeployed with safety guards to operate in a traditional non-collaborative mode for even faster cycle times.


Collaborative robots allow for the creation of a mixed manufacturing environment where people can enter and efficiently work around robots without the loss of throughput. However, whenever users are near, most "collaborative" robots must move slowly or use a reduced speed collaborative mode, thereby losing productivity. Precise's six-axis robots are designed so they can be easily programmed to move at higher speeds in free space and to limit speeds when collisions against a rigid surface are possible. This allows for the robot to move at speeds similar to people, even when users are present in the workcell, while still limiting forces to the ISO collaborative robot standard. Thus, operators can move freely around the robot without concerns for their safety or reducing productivity.


To simplify setup for new users, many collaborative robots use a programming environment with limited features. Precise Automation's collaborative robots offer the flexibility of both an easy-to-use web based interface as well as an optional advanced programming environment as capable as any industrial robot. The easy-to-use Guidance Motion interface is accessible from any web enabled device and allows technicians or operators to quickly and easily setup and teach the robot to perform real work. In addition, the powerful motion control enables the collaborative features without the use of expensive sensors providing industrial level performance at a cost less than other collaborative six axis robots.