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A typical assembly application with one of our F/T sensors



3-Axis Force Sensor

The first truly 3 axis force sensor designed to be in direct contact with the surface. Features:

  1. Measures slippage and shear forces
  2. Robust design
  3. Safe overload by up to 600% the nominal value
  4. Sensitive silicone surface
  5. High water, acid and heat resistance


The patented OptoForce sensor technology is based on a radically new way of measuring forces. Compared to strain-gauge based load cells, OptoForce transducers are generally much more robust, as the deforming surfaces are physically separated from the sensing element.

In short, we are using infrared light to detect the smallest deformation in the shape of the outer surface.

We are using different kinds of optical grade elastomers to achieve the most reliable results.

OMD sketch with axes

Key Data

  • Custom sensor availability
  • Safely overloadable construction
  • High, temperature compensated linearity
  • Available in many sizes
  • Nominal capacity from 5-2000N
  • number of axes: 3



3-Axis Force Sensor Family

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The first truly 3 axis force sensor designed to be in direct contact with the surface. Features:

  • Wide measurement range
  • Robust design
  • Measures slippage and shear forces
  • Great sensitivity and nonlinearity parameters
  • Safe overload by up to 600% the nominal value
  • Sensitive silicone surface
  • High water, acid and heat resistance
  • Easy-to-customize on request


Available Models – Data Sheets

ImageShapeSizeNominal capacityDatasheetCAD Drawings
OMD-10-SE-10NSemispherical10 mm diameter10NOMD-10-SE-10N OMD-10-Sx-CAD
OMD-20-SE-40NSemispherical20 mm diameter40NOMD-20-SE-40N OMD-20-Sx-CAD
OMD-30-SE-100NSemispherical30 mm diameter100NOMD-30-SE-100N OMD-30Sx-CAD
OMD-30-SA-600NSemispherical30 mm diameter600NOMD-30-SC-600N OMD-30Sx-CAD
OMD-30-FA-200NSmall-size flat-top25 x 25 x 16 mm (L x W x H)100NOMD-20-FG-100N OMD-20-Fx-CAD
OMD-30-FA-200NSmall-size flat-top25 x 25 x 16 mm (L x W x H)200NOMD-20-FE-200NOMD-20-Fx-CAD
OMD-30-FF-600NFlat-top32 x 32 x 25 mm (L x W x H)450NOMD-30-FE-450N OMD-30-Fx-CAD
OMD-45-FE-1000NFlat-top46 x 18 mm (D x H)1000NOMD-45-FE-1000N OMD-45-Fx-CAD
OMD-45-FH-2000NFlat-top46 x 18 mm (D x H)2000NOMD-45-FH-2000N OMD-45-Fx-CAD

Our sensors are highly customisable – please reach out, if you have special requests! If you would like to have more details, please contact info@emageworks.com


Adapter Kits

Based on the OMD product line, multiple adapter kits are developed for different grippers.

ImageModelDatasheetBuilt-in OptoForce sensor
iso2-szinesKinova JACO hand / KG-2 and KG-3 grippersJACO Hand AdapterOMD-20-SE-40N
allegroAllegro HandAllegro Hand Adapter OMD-20-SE-40N
OMD on BarrettHand2_OptoForceBarrett HandBarret Hand AdapterOMD-20-SE-40N


3D force sensors in robotic fingers - OptoForce - Why is it such a big deal for a robot to hold a glass while you pour tea into it? Learn why a 3D force sensor is inevitable in fingers before you will buy your first domestic robotic helper. - More at www.optoforce.com


The OptoForce Six Axis Force/Torque Sensor

Data Sheets            Applications

  • Wide measurement range
  • Highly overloadable
  • Designed specifically for ISO standard robots
  • Can determine the gravitational center of the impact on the main surface
  • The deformation of the sensor can be mechanically limited
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with Ethernet and EtherCAT as standard interfaces
  • Digital output
  • Integrated electronics


Available Models – Data Sheets

 SizeFz+ capacityFz-, Fx, Fy, capacityTorque capacityDatasheetCAD Drawing
DSCF1565 70x35mm
(diameter x height)
500N220N, 100N, 100NTz: 3Nm,
Txy: 10Nm
DSCF1565 70x35mm
(diameter x height)
1000N450N, 200N, 200NTz: 6.5Nm,
Txy: 10Nm
(diameter x height)
4000N1000N, 800N, 800NTz: 30Nm,
Txy: 35Nm
HEX-70-CH-4000N HEX-70-Cx-CAD
(diameter x height)
2000N800N, 300N, 300NTz: 10Nm,
Txy: 15Nm
HEX-70-CE-2000N HEX-70-Cx-CAD
(diameter x height)
1000N450N, 150N, 150NTz: 4,5Nm,
Txy: 7,5Nm
HEX-70-CG-1000N HEX-70-Cx-CAD
HEX-58-RE-400N 58x58x22mm400N150N, 120N, 120NTz: 1.5Nm,
Txy: 3Nm
HEX-58-RE-400N  HEX-58-Rx-CAD