SICK IVP 3D System

Ranger C – The fastest camera in the world for three dimensional shape measurement!

The Ranger C camera measures 3D features at unmatched speed producing a complete data set of the object measured. Providing a 3rd dimension adds height and shape measurement data, which can be critical when correctly classifying an object. Ranger C is the key component in many market leading in-line inspection machines used in the Electronic, Semicon, Wood, Robot Vision, Plastic, Rubber and Food industries. The key benefits OEMs and Vision Integrators gain from using Ranger C are:


The fastest 3D available!

The Ranger C acquires up to 20,000 profiles per second, each containing up to 1536 high quality 3D coordinates. This is more than 30 million 3D points per second!


Image processing handled by the camera

The complete 3D calculation is done inside the camera and the ready-to-use 3D coordinates are sent directly to a standard PC via Camera Link. This eliminates the need for expensive post processors.

Easy to integrate

The 3D data is represented in the PC memory as a line-scan intensity data stream, except that the pixel value corresponds to height instead of greyscale. This enables the data to be evaluated by your own or commercially available machine vision software.


Best market price/performance

Maximized performance without the need for super performing post processors, easily integrated with 2D machine vision software, allows you to quickly develop competitive solutions, both from performance and cost point of view!

Introducting RANGER C55/C50/C40 

The Ranger C55, C50 and C40 cameras can be classified as “MultiScan” cameras where high speed 3D and gray-scale data are output according to the line scan method. The cameras are designed for advanced industrial vision applications requiring high speed and multiple information to solve the inspection task. Ranger C cameras can be used with great advantage in areas like electronic, wood and packaging among others. The data output from the system can be used for quality assurance, volume measurement and structure/finish determination. The core functionality of the system is to acquire 3D data but with the sophisticated MultiScan concept it is possible to acquire gray-scale data and 3D data during the same measurement.

Download Ranger C High Speed 3D product brochure